"Fight-on" Tom!

by "Z-man"

It was quite saddening the day I read about the demolition of "Phi Delt" fraternity, a century-old campus landmark that was catty-corner of my own, rival "jock house" - FIJI. How cruel and forgetful life can be???

Doesn't history give credit to the building for housing the football team in the 1950's during Summer practice? If not George Washington, Joe Paterno slept there! And what of the many fine football players that were brothers there, surely it should have been worthy saving the structure as an historic monument to Penn State Football? It was there where I came to appreciate the wide diversity of characters that make-up a Penn State Football team, and wonderment at the talent it must take as a coach to get this assortment of testosterone-laden egos, to perform in harmony together on the football field. I know I must have failed my only modest test, when asked by a Phi Delt brother to help entertain Dan Marino during his recruitment visit. I thought it would take the cerebral-type like Jim Bradley to mold a competitive team out of the talented young men that choose to play football at Penn State, after all - most attend PSU for the education. However it was with somewhat of an initial surprise that I learned through Jim's younger brother - Tom, what it took to make a great college coach... qualities that "Scrap" devoted to Penn State football for 30+ years: Integrity; Intensity; Honesty; Youthful Playfulness, and "Scrappiness."

Even more saddening, how could I have ever envisioned the demolition of "Phi Delt," foreshadowing the destruction of the greatest Penn State Football legend only a year later... How cruel and forgetful life can be??? Let's strive to remember the goodness that once filled these places made void by the "wrecking ball." We all can help to carry forth this PSU spirit and display it with humble pride, as we were shown how by the likes of Coach Bradley and the many fine men he has mentored. "Fight-on" Tom!

On a more personal note

by John Slagel

Your dedication and contributions to the PSU and the community are well documented and appreciated by many friends and alumni of the University. Thank you for your leadership during our toughest hours in the history of the institution.The main purpose of taking time out to write this is on a more personal note. I someday want to meet you in person to personally thank you for what you have done for my son , Lucas. He is not a football player, but growing up he was a PSU football fanatic. You met him @ Fox Chapel High School as you were recruiting Miles Diffenbach. Over a two year span you had contact with Luke as he was involved with the AD's office and he played on the team with Miles. Luke knew he didn't have the skill set to play D1 ball; but he loved football and his dream was to attend PSU. You recommended him for an interview with the team as a student manager. I am happy to report that he did get that interview and the job . He is living the dream working for Spider and being part of the current program. Sometimes the little things in life are overlooked. But thanks to you, by taking the time you have impacted Luke's college and life experiences. Hopefully someday we can thank you in person, Sincerely, John and Bonnie Slagel

Your Type of Character is Peerless

by Carter

Thank you coach Bradley for your efforts in keeping the players together during the later few games after the major shock the community took. I say the "community" because PSU extends far beyond State College, the alumni, and students. I'm a Temple grad but lifelong PSU football fan. Thanks for demonstrating the essence of Penn State by continuing to recruit and do all the things you did despite knowing that there was a good percentage chance that the permanent head coaching position may not fall your way. Your presence and activity strengthened the team and community when it was necessary to have leadership. The thing that speaks most about your character was your statement about always being loyal to PSU even after the decision was already made to hire another coach. Wish your were still on staff. Maybe you can secretly give the DC some pointers this year without anyone knowing! :-)

Good luck with all of your future endeavors

by Jess Endicter


Thank you so much for all you have done for Dear Old State. Over the past few months, you have conducted yourself with dignity and graciousness in the midst of the darkest days of this University. You truly deserve better, and I have faith that you will be able to land on your feet somewhere else, and you will continue to mold youth into men. Good luck and G-d bless.

We'll Miss You Tom

by Holly & Steve Berecz

A heartfelt thank-you for your many years of service and your dignified representation of Penn State. We wish you the very best on your future endeavors. We're very excited to see where you end up, and to learn which new team we have to follow! We'll be watching! Sincere thanks for all you have done for Penn State Football and the Nittany Nation.

Best wishes,

Steve & Holly Berecz '97
(Formerly of Orange County, CA, now living in Hawkeye country)